CABIS Labs Pvt. Ltd, (Chemical And Biological Industrial Services) is a research-based, technology & product development company, catering to the changing needs of the pharmaceutical industry. Our cutting edge products are used in laboratories worldwide in both pharmaceutical and biochemical research to speed up new drug development. We endeavor to serve the scientific research community for providing them the required chemicals, research chemicals, reagents, amino acids, peptides, linkers and biological products at highly competitive price and undertaking custom synthesis, contract research, drug discovery, product development and pharma intermediates. Having head quarter in India. Our company is located in the outskirts of Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

We are staying ahead of the curve in new product development. We keep expanding our product range by introducing new products every month in our chosen fields, namely, newer reagents, protected amino acids, chiral amino alcohol derivatives, linkers, peptide reagents, chiral synthons, chiral auxiliaries, and Heterocycles. We strictly follow Stringent Environment, Health and Safety norms. All products are developed and manufactured in-house adhering to the cGMP and GLP Guidelines.